Monday, April 20, 2015

Getting Pumped!

On Wednesday, it will be my last field day with my sweet, sweet students. This will be the last observation class that I will have before I start student teaching. It is both bittersweet and nerve racking because I feel as if it was just yesterday I had decided to change my major from History and Social Studies to Elementary Education.

They say that you do not choose teaching, instead it picks you. I would have to agree with this statement because I feel as if I was chosen to teach. It takes a very special person to not only teach children but to also mold them into the citizens that we want in the United States. As I continue to complete my observations I find that I am beyond ready to get into the classroom, and when I look on pinterest at different lesson ideas I find that I cant wait for a class of my own to try them out on!

As I embark on this last field day I feel that I am ready for this next chapter in my life as well as excited about what is around the corner! There are so many good things coming in my future and I can begin to thank God for all of it.

Love Always,

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Hey y' all,

I am Emma Duncan, a student at Western Kentucky University. Right now, I am working on my degree in Elementary Education hoping to become a classroom teacher someday soon! This blog is going to depict my journey through student teaching, international travel, job hunting, and hopefully one day (God willing) my daily classroom activities. So welcome along for the ride, it is sure to be a bumpy one but tons of fun!

Love always,

"Refuse to sink, for a smooth sea never made for a skillful sailor."