Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bulletin Boards are windows into the classroom.

Today at work I had the chance to plan and create a bulletin board. I have to say that I found the idea on Pinterest but it fit the theme I was looking for. In making this bulletin board it launched a discussion about themed classrooms.

I have always had teachers that have had themed classrooms and as a student I loved. It got me involved in the classroom environment and feel as if it was a home away from home some times. This is why I believe that a good bulletin board can really tie a classroom together, improve the environment and become the window in the classroom for outsiders. 

Love always,

Below are some pictures from today's room decorating fun!!!! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

The scary word that is {KTIP}

KTIP or Kentucky Teaching Internship Program

How can this simple phrase of word insight so much fear in a group of college seniors. It is simple! This is the first year of teaching program that all first-year teachers in Kentucky must go through before becoming a teacher. This program is drilled into your head from the time you start the education program to the time you end the program. Today however I got a look at this program and I don't feel as scared. 

I am the learning that wants to know why we are learning a certain topic because I relate everything to the real world. Today I finally got my why because I finally figured out why I have been pushing myself through these last couple of years to become a teacher. It is nice to see that everything I have been completing will allow me to put together these amazing lessons inside this amazing KTIP binder.

I am not as stressed out about KTIP now because my "why?" question has been answered. Now I have to push myself through these next couple of days and I will be one step closer to student teaching and beginning the KTIP program!

Love always,