Monday, April 20, 2015

Getting Pumped!

On Wednesday, it will be my last field day with my sweet, sweet students. This will be the last observation class that I will have before I start student teaching. It is both bittersweet and nerve racking because I feel as if it was just yesterday I had decided to change my major from History and Social Studies to Elementary Education.

They say that you do not choose teaching, instead it picks you. I would have to agree with this statement because I feel as if I was chosen to teach. It takes a very special person to not only teach children but to also mold them into the citizens that we want in the United States. As I continue to complete my observations I find that I am beyond ready to get into the classroom, and when I look on pinterest at different lesson ideas I find that I cant wait for a class of my own to try them out on!

As I embark on this last field day I feel that I am ready for this next chapter in my life as well as excited about what is around the corner! There are so many good things coming in my future and I can begin to thank God for all of it.

Love Always,

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