Monday, May 4, 2015

The scary word that is {KTIP}

KTIP or Kentucky Teaching Internship Program

How can this simple phrase of word insight so much fear in a group of college seniors. It is simple! This is the first year of teaching program that all first-year teachers in Kentucky must go through before becoming a teacher. This program is drilled into your head from the time you start the education program to the time you end the program. Today however I got a look at this program and I don't feel as scared. 

I am the learning that wants to know why we are learning a certain topic because I relate everything to the real world. Today I finally got my why because I finally figured out why I have been pushing myself through these last couple of years to become a teacher. It is nice to see that everything I have been completing will allow me to put together these amazing lessons inside this amazing KTIP binder.

I am not as stressed out about KTIP now because my "why?" question has been answered. Now I have to push myself through these next couple of days and I will be one step closer to student teaching and beginning the KTIP program!

Love always,

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