Thursday, December 31, 2015

Was it a dream?

We have now been home for at least three weeks.  It still feels weird to think about the time that I had in Ireland.  It feels like it was all a dream!  During the holiday season, many people asked about my time in Ireland, how we spent our time, and about the weather.  I felt myself answer everyone with the same answer of "It was amazing!” but Ireland was more than amazing. 

Ireland taught me so much about myself that I did not see until I got home.  Ireland changed the way I think about the world, America, and myself.  It changed the way I see the American education process, the way I view the classroom and students.  Ireland changed me and I believe it was all for the best. 

Now as I sit here typing I am putting together my teacher portfolio.  This will be the talking point during interviews that will show my future employer who I am in the classroom.  There is so much pressure riding on this 3 ring binder that it blows my mind.  This binder has to speak for who I am as a teacher and professional.  The want to put everything into this binder is crazy, but as I sit back and think about what the employer wants to see I find that I want to put quality information in this binder. 

Now I sit here waiting for the right position to open knowing that I have time get my ducks in a row before then. 

Love always,

Emma Duncan

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