Friday, November 20, 2015

Irish Life

I have now spent two successful weeks at Gaelscoil Na Cruaiche.  I have enjoyed every minute that I have spent at this school and now feel as if I am family.  The school itself is small with only 200 students, and one teacher per grade.  The class sizes range from 25-30 students who have all been together since they were in junior infants (our kindergarten).  During our walk through the Principal told us that parents start to put their child on a waiting list for this school at 4 months of age. 

Every Monday and Friday, the students come into the hall (our gym) in order to have announcements and awards.  There are many awards given on Monday such as "Best Irish Speaker,” "Kindness Award,” and Birthday Awards.  A student from each rang (class) is given these awards each week.  It works itself out to where most of the students get awards during the school year.  After this time is over the students will return to class where they will study English, Irish, Math, Reading, Choir, Violin, and even French.  This school is very focused on the arts and incorporates them into the daily schedule. 

Another difference between this school and schools in America is that the students here have two breaks during the day.  One of them in the morning for 20 minutes where they eat a snack brought from home, and can go out to play if the weather is permitting.  Then later on during the day the students have another break that lasts for 45- 1 hour for lunch and outside play.  The students again eat a lunch from home because there is no cafeteria inside the school to provide them with a lunch.  Having the two breaks allows the students to rest their brains and refuel for the rest of the day.

I began teaching on Tuesday about the Regions in America.  From here I learned that most of the students base their knowledge off of what their parents have told them, what they have seen in movies, and what they know from traveling over there.  My students were interested in learning about tornados and hurricanes.  They also wanted to know a lot about major cities in the US which unfortunately I had never been to, such as New York, and San Francisco. Next week I will continue to teach about American School and Kentucky.  The students are excited to see the difference between their school and schools in the United States.  I believe that they will be shocked to find the difference.

I am having a great time here and plan to travel to Galway this weekend to do some Christmas Shopping.  I am excited about Christmas Shopping because I am ready for the holiday season.  I believe that this will make me miss home a little less especially during the next week, because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.


  1. Sounds like you are learning interest things just like your students. I am glad you are having a good time and I know you will be missed next week for thanksgiving. Love and continued success for you.

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